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  • Is there power to the pump? Sometimes a simple reset of your breaker could be the only problem.

  • Have you tried to reset the overload? Most well pumps 11/2 HP and larger have a reset located at the front or on the bottom of the control box.

  • Is there something in the pressure switch? Bugs are notorious for getting in the pressure switch. Turn the power off to the pump and check the contacts for small bugs between the points.

  • Once a year you should check the air pressure in your bladder style pressure tank if so equipped. To do this follow these easy steps.
  • 1. Turn off the power to the pump
  • 2. Drain all the water from the system.
  • 3. Check air pressure at the top of the tank. Air pressure should be 2 PSI less than the system turn on pressure ( 38 PSI if switch turns on at 40 PSI)
  • 4. Close all valves and turn power back on

  • After checking these items please give us a call and we'd be glad to come out.